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Nowhere To Be Found

Nowhere To Be Found began 3 years ago under the name “Insch”, with the members Tiago Duarte (guitar and vocals), Manel Gomes (bass) and Miguel Rodrigues (drums). In 2014 the friends would assume an innocent start: the goal was solely making music together and sharing the emotions of their long lasting high school friendship. From their rehearsing studio in Ericeira (known for its world-class surf breaks) one can hear the waves crashing. Take the waves; mix it with well-known alternative metal groups like Deftones, Bring Me The Horizon and Architects and you get NTBF ́s unique sound.

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2015BalconyTV Lisbon considered them “band of the year” and NiT added “one unknown band you need to listen to right now”, thus gaining the first of their fame. May 2016 sees the launch of their debut album, Safe Haven, entirely produced and recorded in the trio’s rehearsing studio in Ericeira, aided by a local seasoned musician, Wilson Silva (More Than A Thousand). Even being excluded from all the major national radio station playlists, the public rewarded NTBF with top 10 national digital sales in the album’s first week. Over the next two years they would play shows all across the country, small and big stages, clubs and festivals, crowds from 100 to 10.000.

2017 – Would be the year of affirmation, achieving what no other Portuguese band had ever done. They would go on to record with Swedish producer Henrik Udd, producer of the Year” at the Heavy Music Awards, who worked with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Architects, and would master new songs in New York with Grammy award winner Ted Jensen – the sound engineer known for being the choice of industry giants such as Metallica, Green Day, Muse, Deftones, Slipknot, Paul McCartney, Madonna and Coldplay. Confirming the new songs’ potentials, there have been the collaboration of Emily Lazar from September Mourning in the song “Closer”. Closing out 2017 ́s year end, the band decided to assume a new identity and be reborn as “Nowhere To Be Found”. Now as a quartet with João Quintais (guitar) and with a new sound.